About us

The Association of Latvian Printing Companies was founded in 1997 as a partnership of printing companies, suppliers of equipment and materials, and educational institutions in the sector. 18. April. The Association represents the interests of the industry and its members at national and international level and promotes the Latvian printing industry as a modern, highly technological, environmentally friendly, culture and education promoting business. The Association’s member companies produce a wide range of printing products, more than 80% of which are exported.


Board and audit committee

LPA is a member of INTERGRAF, the European Print and Media Federation, ClimateCalc, the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Latvian Packaging Association and actively participates in the work of these organisations.

Visvaldis Trokša

Chairman of the Board, LPA representative on the Economic Council of the Ministry of the Economy

Robert Wasilewski

Vice-President of the Management Board

Māris Matrevics

Vice-President of the Management Board, Chairman of the Advisory Board

Board members

Janina Blum

Member of the Board, LPA representative on the INTERGRAF Board

Artis Ērglis

Member of the Board of Directors, LPA representative on the Literature and Book Council of the Ministry of Culture

Uldis Cerbulis

Member of the Management Board

Ivars Upmalis

Member of the Management Board

Ervīns Lasmanis

Member of the Management Board

Audit Commission

Dagnija Vanaga

Chairperson of the Audit Commission

Valdis Jirgens

Member of the Audit Commission

Executive Director

Ieva Bečere

Executive Director, Chair, Council of Experts on Print and Media Technology

Advisory Board

The LPA Advisory Board’s experts assess the quality of printed materials in disputes and provide opinions on their compliance with the target values of standards, advise on the drafting of public and private sector procurement regulations and the evaluation of tender results. The work of the Council’s experts shall be paid for by the claimant. The Advisory Board is chaired by Māris Matrevics, Vice-Chairman of the LPA Board, and coordinated by Ieva Bečere, Executive Director.

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